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A unique completely new genre of matching puzzle game on iOS and Android, designed by Goodenough Creative Ltd.

Crazy King Choc always dreamt of running his own ice cream business...but things have got a little too crazy and we now have an ice cream panic!

See below for a demo video, email contact and more screen shots!

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It's a Queues matching puzzle and NOT match-3!

The Aim of the game is to match the ice creams to the delivery trucks.  Organise the ice creams in the queues correctly before they're loaded into the delivery trucks.


- A new genre of puzzle game designed by Goodenough Creative Ltd: A Queues matching puzzle

- 5 different map worlds, 9 campaigns and over 100 levels

- Each level provides a new challenge; beat the target score, time or just aim for perfect matching!

- Cold Combo: Match 2 ice creams to pick up some more Q-Swap and Q-Drop bonuses

- Crisp Combo: Match 3 ice creams to collect an ice pick bonus

- Mega Combo: Match 9 ice creams for a mega bonus surprise!

- Tap the cog to open and close access to the delivery trucks

- Build up ice creams in the queue to maximise matching!

- Use Q-Swap to swap ice creams between queues
- Use Q-Drop to speed your ice creams to the delivery trucks
- Use the Ice Pick bonus to get rid of unwanted ice creams
- Combine the Ice Pick with Q-Swap or Q-drop to swap or speed all ice creams of the same colour at once
- Get to level 32 to activate mega combo bonus, the ultimate queues combination

- Absorbing addictive gameplay
- Make many decisions and choices per second
- Graphics juiced up to the max!

Queues Ice Cream Panic allows in-app purchases.  You can still play and complete all the levels for free, it might just take you a bit longer ;).  If you want to play and pay, please pay.  If you don't, thanks for playing!

Please connect to Facebook for a more sharing experience.  Queues Ice Cream Panic allows you to share scores and bonuses with your friends on Facebook.  The app will NEVER post anything to your Facebook page nor contact your friends unless you want to do so for each and every message.

Queues Ice Cream Panic uses mobile analytics to track player progress and purchases.  This information is completely anonnymised so we're not able to tell any personal details about players.  We generally use this information to check levels are the right difficulty, to fix bugs and check whether we need to add more levels